Training Comments

Student Comments

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my HNC with the Macmillan Centre for Learning, I feel that by doing the HNC my way of thinking has changed in the way I work with the young people this is due to the knowledge I have gained during the process of the assessments. In the last year I do feel that my confidence has grown considerably and feel that I contribute more to my staff team as well as the young people I work with. The teaching styles and methods that Malcolm has provided have been excellent; he has been very supportive and always available through technology if a problem arises. I am now more aware of the possible routes I can take in my learning and Malcolm has been very encouraging of this and helped to build my confidence in the ability that I have.”

Lynn (Student) 2010


“Since I have started doing the HNC course through Macmillan Centre for Learning, I have learnt a great deal about theory and practice within social care. This has given me confidence in the workplace and I am more confident when attending meetings. Malcolm has a lot of patience and it is down to his method of teaching I have managed to get through the course.”

Ally (Student) 2010

Both students above have gone on to achieve the Social Work Degree.

"With regards to HNC Training, this was very important to myself, to help me gain a better understanding of the due diligence and thought processes we need when working with a variety of Service Users, and the developmental stages of their lives.

Without having the background knowledge and theories I would not be able to deliver the correct care towards the indivisualised Young Person as each one is very different within their own mindset.

Having the HNC Qualification will let me become more positive with decision making, as I will be able to back this up with my thought processes and the continuous training which has been implemented in me, over a wide variety of subjects relevant to each service user."


Darrell (Student) 2016

Agency Comments


"We have had a first class service from MCL and have had no cause for complaint. Students have been well supported and communications between yourselves and our agency have been excellent. Having the HNC/SVQIII provided "on-site" gives our students a much better opportunity and they appreciate not having to travel or go back to a school setting where previous experiences may not have been positive.
With your dedicated support we now have many qualified workers striving to go further. We cannot recommend MCL highly enough for the services delivered and would like to thank you for your on-going commitment and service you give to us."
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