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Macmillan Centre for Learning is in the process of compiling training that is "fit for purpose" for the social care sector.

In an effort to meet the changing needs of the social care sector we are putting together new training packages. These training package are part of a developing strategy that seeks to listen to the care sector and look to meet the needs of those providing care services.

If you have any training requirements that currently not being met in an effective and efficient way help us to solve your problem.

Core Training

The following training is part of a developing programme of training opportunities looking to provide underpinning knowledge for those entering into the care setting. The sequence of training days enable participants to develop their understanding of core concepts in a flexible and relaxed training format. Progression through each training experience will give the participant the opportunity to put into practice the concepts and thinking introduced to them with an opportunity to reflect at the next session.

Introduction to caring

The aim of this event is to help participants to understanding the effects of life events on the children/ young people they care for. This will involve looking at the relationships we have experienced and how these cane affect the relationship with the child/young person. Through understanding these relationships it is hope that we can create a more effective environment for children/ young people.

Child Development

The aim of this event is to come to a better understanding of important stages in the life of a child and those who care for them. Using Erik Erikson’s eight stages of man we will look at what are important experiences to help the child to grow and develop effectively. This will involve looking at our experiences and the experiences of the child to discover the impact this has had. We will look at how we can offer an experience that is more positive for the child.

Attachment and relationships

The aim of this event is to understand the different types of Attachment styles and how these may affect behaviour and personality. We will look at the different relationships we form and how these meet specific needs as we grow up. Through applying this to ourselves we will learn how our styles may affect the relationship with the child with the aim of adapting what we offer the child/young person as a model of attachment.

Understanding separation and loss

The aim of this event is to raise awareness of the various types of separation and loss experienced by cared for children/ young people. We will reflect on the loss experienced by carers and what helps them cope with such changing conditions. We will look at the experiences at the different stages of separation and loss to gain an understanding that this is a process that we all go through but do so in an individual way.

Understanding Challenging Behaviour/ Adolescent Behaviour

The aim of this event is to come to an understanding of what challenging behaviour is. We will reflect on our experience of life events and relationships that may have influenced our behaviours. After doing so we then consider the experiences and relationships of the children/young people we care for and how these may influence the presenting behaviour which may be challenging for us. To assist the child/ young person through this phase we will look at how may build up a more effective and responsive relationship.


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