Our Teaching Philosophy

The responsibility of the individual to learn, “I learn”, indicates a process through which you are willing to attain knowledge and skills. Such development requires many skills such as communication in its’ many forms, Information Technology and all this offers regarding resources and collaboration. Incorporated into this is the motivation required to push you to achieve. 

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Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Challenging behaviour seem to be two ‘buzz words’ used commonly today to describe the behaviour of young people where the behaviour causes some sort of difficulty for those around the young person. Very often when people discuss challenging behaviour we think of it as a condition to be cured from. 

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Core Training for You

In an effort to meet the changing needs of the social care sector we are putting together new training packages. These training package are part of a developing strategy that seeks to listen to the care sector and look to meet the needs of those providing care services.

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Attachment Theory

When we think about the different relationships we have and the relationships we see that other people have we may see that these relationships are different. People seem to relate to different people in different ways depending on the type of relationship they have with them.

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Welcome to the Macmillan Centre for Learning, based in Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland.

The Centre was borne out of a desire to meet the needs of the social care sector, identifying continuing professional development and offering diversity in the meeting of statutory training requirements. The Centre offers the opportunity to participate in a mode of learning that motivates the learner to reach their potential and develop their skill and for the benefit of the service and service user.  Through the use of traditional methods of training and the integration of technology we offer the support and encouragement any learner needs as they embark upon a new journey of discovery.

The Centre also uses the open source Moodle facility to provide resources within a Virtual Learning Environment that will be accessed by Students only.  This facility offers Students access to video and audio teaching to support any direct teaching that has been set in place for them.  A range of subjects have been identified by SQA as the key components of Social Care, therefore, workbooks have been made accessible for Students to enable a depth of understanding of key concepts and theories to underpin the experience and practice the Students bring.




Macmillan Centre for Learning has approval to deliver the SQA qualification Social Services (Children and Young People) Level 3 and SVQ 3 Health and Social Care.  

If you have need of SVQ 3 Assessment contact us so we can help support the qualification of your care workforce.

If you have any questions please contact us.



As you plan your training schedule come and find out what Macmillan Centre for Learning can do for you!

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